Adding a General Appointment to a Supplier

Adding a General Appointment to a Supplier

  1. Click on the required Supplier’s record, then click Actions > Add General Appointment…

    2. When the Appointment Details window opens, you can set the various options for the appointment.

     3. The Negotiator/Groups and Associated Contacts/Properties will already be filled in. Set the rest of the options as required, including selecting the Property in the Property/Properties section.

    4. You can set a recurring appointment by clicking on the Recurring Apt? button. This will display additional options for setting additional appointments.

    5. You can also send a notification e-mail by clicking on the Notify Attendees by Email button and creating the email to be sent.

TIP: If you add more attendees into the Negotiator/Groups Box, they will automatically be included in the e-mail.

     6. Click Save. The appointment will appear in the Diary as well as the Timelines of the Supplier and the Property.


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