Adding A Guarantor On An Applicant

Adding a Guarantor on an Applicant

Go to your Contact

Then click Contact>Other Addresses

Click Add Contact Address, then Type, from the drop down select Tenant Guarantor

Enter the Name, Company Name, Telephone Number, Email Address, Delivery Method and Notes.

There is also a post code look up to find the address easier.

Then click Save.

Note: When adding  Guarantor details to the Applicant record the delivery method is dependent on the fields completed .i.e A valid email address needs to be added to be able to send an email and postal Address for print option to send letters.

However the system will not recognise the Guarantor email address without it being associated to a letter from the directory.  

If you need to send an ad hoc email to the guarantor, it is advisable to set the Guarantor up as a separate Contact record.


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