Adding eSigning merge codes to letter templates

To set your documents up to be used with eSigning, you need to add eSigning merge codes to your Letter Templates.

Clicking in to Tools in the top right hand corner of your Alto screen (1), you can select Letter & Stationery Templates from the App Tools menu on the left hand side (2). Scroll down the list to find the Letter Template which you’d like to use for eSigning, and click on its row (3). 

Position your cursor in the area of your letter where you’d like the eSignature to appear (1). Press the hash button on your keyboard, and the merge code search box will appear at the top of the Edit Letter Template window (2). Typing “eSignature” will return a list of all possible eSignature merge codes (3), then you can just click on the appropriate option in the list. 

eSignature merge codes will return a block of contacts for that merge code type, so make sure you’ve allowed enough room in your letter template (4) for as many tenants or landlords as you may have in any one document.

When signed, the eSignature merge code for each contact will display the title, forename, and surname, as well as having space for their signature, and displaying the date on which each signatory signed the document. 

N.B. If your Letter Template contains a table, make sure that you’re putting the eSignature merge code outside of the table.

You’ll also want to remove any existing reference you have to signature spaces, for instance any typed signature lines. 

When you’re happy with the eSigning merge codes you’ve inserted in to your Letter Template, click Save in the bottom right of the window.


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