Adding In A Room On A Property

Adding in a Room on a Property

Go to the Property>Rooms> Room Tab. 

Add Room Tab: 

Type the name of the Room** enter the measurements of the room and add your description.

Click on the camera icon to Link Photos that you have already uploaded to the property to show against the individual room. Highlight the photo, click on Done and save changes.

**You can name each 'room' but you don’t have too, you can just use this section to paragraph text to show on the portals.

All rooms can be deleted by using the Delete button on the top right of the Room Tab. 

Add Paragraph Tab: 

You will need to add the paragraphs to Alto under Tools > Standard Paragraphs.  They will then be available in the dropdown menu to select for use on this section. Whilst the rooms will have individual descriptions if you have disclaimers or marketing text that you use regularly. Set this up as a standard paragraph for quick use. 

When adding the paragraphs, they will show at the bottom of the screen, you can drag them in line with the room they relate to. 

When uploading to portals, the room title, description, photos and any disclaimers will show. 

The information above, can also be pulled into Brochures. 


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