Using The Movement Book

Using the Movement Book

The Movement Book can be found by clicking on the icon down the left hand side of your Alto screen, and filters can be set from the top.  .  

The Movement Book shows a variety of different information based on the filters which are set.

If an area is in Orange all of these filters are active on the Movement Book. The ones which are in Gray are inactive, you can click onto these and this will then change them to Orange, making them active.

There is a filter in which you can change the date range for the Movement Book. Use the slider and the date range will change.

Once your filters and date range is set the Movement Book will reflect the change.

You can scroll through the list and see the properties which have had changes made.

For example, the above screenshot shows a rental property has had a let agreed, a sale property as had an offer agreed and an offer has also been made on a property.

You can go into the property from the entry on the Movement Book.

Click onto the address or contact record, this in turn will open it.


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