Archiving Properties in Bulk

Archiving Properties in Bulk

When creating or amending an existing match group (Tools>Match Groups) there is a tab called Bulk Actions.  This tab contains a single tick box you can use to indicate that you wish to use this match group to identify archive-able data:

When you tick this field you are confirming that the match group can be used with the new Bulk Archive function (see below). Ticking this option also filters the records so that the group only contains records that have met the validation criteria to allow records to be archived. 

The validation rules for allowing records to be archived are as follows:

Property Records – only properties with the statuses of Withdrawn, Not Instructed, Externally sold, Externally let or Completed can be archived.

A tool tip is also shown when you hover over this option detailing the validation criteria.

We recommend that you create new match groups specifically for archiving.  (If you tick the box on an existing match group you will only be presented with records that match AND that are suitable for archiving.)

When selecting a match group that has Bulk Archive selected the Actions button will appear with the option ‘Bulk Archive’:

Property Tab > Actions button:

  • When the list appears you can select single, multiple or ‘All’ records (and de-select records by un-ticking individual tick boxes).
  • With the records selected you then click on Bulk Archive and a confirmation message will appear:

  • When you click on Yes, a further message will warn:

Selecting No will leave the selected records on the screen, selecting Yes will archive them.

  • A message will confirm when the action has been completed and the number of records successfully archived.
  • A maximum of 500 records can be archived at any one time and if more than 500 records are selected you will be presented with a message “Only the first 500 records will be archived”.

    (The screen will automatically refresh so that you can see any other records that remain and there is nothing to prevent you repeating the above action until all required records are archived.)

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