Authorised signatory

eSigning with PropertyFile allows pre specified Alto users to sign documents on behalf of Landlords.

Clicking in to Tools in the top right hand corner of your Alto screen (1), you can select System Administration from the System Tools menu on the left hand side (2). Click in to Group Users from the Group Set-Up list (3), and you’ll see a list of all your Alto Users.

You can search using the boxes at the top (1), and then click Edit next to any member of staff (2).

Scrolling down you’ll find a tick box for Authorised Signatory (1). Ticking this box will present a warning message (2), and once you have read and understood the message click Okay (3), and then scroll up or down and click Save.

It is important the Authorised Signatory is aware that if a user selects for them to sign on behalf of a landlord and is not properly authorised to do so, the person named as Authorised Signatory may be personally liable for any obligations under those contracts.


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