Making Payments Via BACS

Making Payments Via BACS

This User Guide covers how to make payments in Alto Property Management via BACS (Banking Automated Clearing System)

This article relates to the ALTO Property Management Module

1. Any payments that are made out of the system where the Payment Type has been set to BACS will appear on your BACS payment section of accounts.  To access this go to Accounts > Bacs Payment Update. Then click View on the relevant Bank Account

2. On this screen you will see a list of all Payments made by BACS, this will need to be updated for the System to create a Payment file that you can upload to your Bank.

3. If any payments are showing Insufficient Bank Details click on this line to get a list of all records that are missing bank detailsthen locate the relevant record and enter the missing details.  Once the details are entered into the record and saved, the payment should now be in Included Payments.

4. If there is anything showing in Included Payments that you do NOT wish to pay click on the red thumb so that it does not get included in the next payment. This will be removed from the Included Payments list and show in Held Payments instead.

5. Check that BACS File Format at the top of the screen shows the Bank Name that you are using.  If this has not yet been setup you will need to contact your System Administrator to ask them to set this up for you.

6. The system will only include the Included Payments in the Payment file.  Once you are ready to update the file click Create Payment File.  IMPORTANT: The Update process cannot be reversed.

7.When you click the Create Payment File button, a white box will appear at the top of the screen giving you the option to save the file.  Click Save and it will save a copy to your Downloads folder. You can leave the file in your downloads folder, but we recommend you then move or copy it to a location that will be easier to find when you come to upload it to your bank.

8. Once the Bacs Payment has been updated the payment will appear on your Bank Reconciliation as part of a batch and should only be reconciled once you see the Payments leave your Bank Account.

9. In order to actually make the Payments, you will need to log on to your Online Banking software and Upload the file from your saved location.


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