The Bank Reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation

This User Guide covers use of the Bank Reconciliation.  It is important that the Statement Balance on the Bank Reconciliation matches that of your Bank Balance in real life.

  1. Go to Accounts > Bank Reconciliation. Find the relevant Bank Account and click View

Please Note: The colour of the account may vary depending on how many unreconciled items there are and how long it has been since the last reconciliation.

     2. At the top of the screen enter the Bank Statement Number and the Amount on your Bank Statement into Statement Balance.

     3. Once you have entered the Statement Balance the system will calculate the difference between the figure that was updated on a previous Statement and the figure on your current Bank Statement.  

     4. The system will not allow the Bank Reconciliation to be Updated until the difference is 0.00. The only way to bring the difference down to 0.00 is to click the green thumb to include items into the Bank Reconciliation or by clicking on the red thumb to stop items being included.  If the difference does not go down to 0.00 this means an item has either not gone on your Bank Statement yet or perhaps an item has not been put onto Alto yet, but has appeared on your bank statement.

     5. Once the difference is 0.00 and you are happy that all items are correct then click Update.

IMPORTANT: This process cannot be reversed so only update if you are certain it is correct to do so. 


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