TLS Transport Layer Security

The Alto team is committed to ensuring that we provide a secure operating environment for the services we provide you and as such it is sometimes necessary to deprecate support for technology that we believe may present a possible risk.   Following an internal review we are announcing that the Alto servers will be stopping support for TLS 1.1 and prior versions on 11th June 2019, in order to align with industry best practices for security and data integrity, and will only support TLS 1.2.

What is TLS?

TLS stands for "Transport Layer Security." It is a protocol that provides privacy and data integrity between two communicating applications. It's the most widely deployed security protocol used today, and is used for web browsers and other applications that require data to be securely exchanged over a network. TLS ensures that a connection to a remote endpoint, for example a web browser or a server, is the intended endpoint through encryption and endpoint identity verification.  Alto connections use TLS as a key component of its security.

How will Alto users be impacted? 

This change should not have any direct impact on most Alto customers since the majority of browsers and operating systems will already support TLS 1.2 without changing any settings, but it is important to check the compatibility of your system with your IT provider before 11th June 2019.  Action may be required prior to this date to ensure you can continue to access Alto, any users running combinations of operating systems and browsers on their computers which do not support TLS 1.2 will not be able to login to Alto once the change has been made on 11th June 2019. 

Useful information to help you check

The Alto team would encourage you to review the compatibility sheet we have put together below to ensure you are prepared for the change.



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