Booking a General Appointment Via the Diary

Booking a General Appointment from the Diary

  1. Click on the Diary tab, and then click and drag your mouse over the Time that you want to book the Appointment for.

TIP: You can use the Today and < > buttons to locate the required day.

    2. When the Schedule Appointment window opens, click General Appointment.

    3.  When the Appointment Details window opens, you can set the various options for the appointment.

   4. Enter the appointment details as required, including selecting the Property and a Contact in the Associated Contacts/Properties section if needed.

    5. You can set a recurring appointment by clicking on the Recurring Apt? button. This will display additional options for setting further appointments.

    6. You can also send a notification e-mail by clicking on the Notify Attendees by Email button and creating the email to be sent.

TIP: If you add more attendees into the Negotiator/Groups Box, they will automatically be included in the e-mail.

    7. Click Save. The appointment will appear in the Diary as well as the Timelines of the Contact and the Property if you selected any.


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