Brief Your Market Integration


Brief Your Market (BYM) is a unified marketing and communications platform providing their customers control of all their marketing activities from a single place.

Alto BYM integration allows contact records to be transferred from Alto to your BYM account. This is enabled at branch level and contact records are uploaded and amended automatically as you work. You must have a commercial agreement in place with Brief Your Market in order to use this facility.

Setting Defaults

BYM integration is enabled and disabled on a per branch basis. Navigate to Tools > System Administration > Branches > and click ‘Edit’:

Tick the Brief Your Market tick box to enable integration and enter your BYM username and password (these are not the same as your BYM control panel credentials. These will need to be provided by Brief Your Market themselves).

Save the changes to the branch record.  Repeat this for each branch as required.  (BYM can provide one url login for all your branches if you prefer and if you want all your contact records combined into one BYM dataset).

Fields Uploaded

The following contact fields are uploaded to BYM:



First Name

Last Name



Client Type

Company Name

Email address

Home Telephone

Work Telephone

Mobile Phone Number

Address Line1

Address Line 2

Address Line 3




Is contact a:   Contractor

                               Lettings Applicant

                               Sales Applicant





Date Created

Date Updated

Buying Position

Property Position
Min Beds
Max Beds
Min Price
Max Price
Financial Services Questions

If the contact record is amended and saved, the changes are automatically sent to Brief Your Market.

Data Protection Act Opt In/Out

You can use the ‘Exclude Direct Marketing’ checkbox on Contact records to indicate whether your contact wishes to opt-out of direct marketing:


If the box is checked the contacts details will not be uploaded (or will be removed from BYM if they have already been uploaded).

Your Brief Your Market Account

BYM will create a new account to use with Alto.  If you already have and use an account with BYM they may be able to copy parts of it across to the new account (i.e. Templates / Triggers / Images etc.). Please contact BYM support for assistance with this (telephone 0344 800 8424).

Records in Brief Your Market

When you log into Brief Your and click on the Contacts tab, the uploaded information can be edited and used for Brief Your Market marketing functions.


Contact Export Logic

Alto automatically classifies contact statuses based on their type and relationships to properties and tenancies. The following table shows how we have mapped these to the BYM Contact Status field options:

BYM Contact Status Field

Alto logic to match status

Alto Overview Status


Contact type = Builder, Utility, Service, Board Contractor, Maintanance, Surveyor

Contact type (varies)


Contact type = Client & (Intention = Rent or Intention = Buy or Rent)

Applicant, Tenant


Contact type = Client & (Intention = Buy or Intention = Buy or Rent)



Contact type = Client & has property that is To Let



Contact type = Client & has an active tenancy



Contact type = Solicitor



Contact type = Client & has property that is For Sale


Additional fields added to export

We have worked in conjunction with Brief Your Market to increase the amount of information that we export.  Please refer to the integration document below for full details of what is included.


Getting Started
Take a look at this video which highlights the features and how to use your knowledgebase.

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