Changing The Information Which Is Displayed On My Rolling Screens


How Do I Change The Information Which Is Displayed On My Rolling Screens?


Go to Tools>Export.

Using the Search tab you can select the property Status, Areas, Rooms, Land and Parking, Property Type and Features.

The results will be displayed on the right hand side. You can tick the properties individually or tick Matching Properties which will select them all.

Then click Download. A .zip file will be downloaded and saved to your machine.

Extract the files to your computer. If you have done this before, you can navigate to the previously used folder which will already contain the RollingV2.exe file.

Once the files are extracted, ensure the rsdata.xml file and the Images folder (e.g. in this example 20160725164723) are in the same folder as the RollingV2.exe file. Otherwise, Rolling Screens will not run.

You should now be able to click the RollingV2.exe file to start Rolling Screens.

The same folder that contains RollingScreensV2.exe can be used for future downloads. You may wish to create a shortcut on your desktop to run it.  To do this, right click on the RollingV2.exe file and choose Send to>Desktop (Create Shortcut)


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