Changing the Text on Email Invites

Changing the Text on Email Invites 

To changes the text and contents of your PropertyFile generated emails, go to your PropertyFile Customisation dashboard and selec E-Mail Templates from the left-hand menu.  

Please Note: If you would like to see how the email is configured currently you can click preview on the right-hand side of the email template box and you will be able to see how your emails are currently configured.  

In the example below, you will see your client's current activation email.  

Where you see the wording 'PropertyFile App' your invitees will see a picture of the type of devices which can be used to access PropertyFile, which included laptops, mobiles and tablets.  

You can return to the previous screen by closing the preview tab of the email, make any changes to your emails but remember to preview your changes before clicking Save.  

Please Note: If you make any changes to your emails and wish to return to the standard we supply you can click the 'Use Default Templates' button in the bottom left-hand corner of this screen and we will replace all emails with our standard content.  


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