Checking If Money Laundering Checks Have Been Done

Checking if Money Laundering Checks have been done

There is a match group that will report any contacts who have active offers, but have not yet had the Money Laundering check details completed.

The match group can be found in Contacts>Groups>AML Checks:

The filters for this group are:

  • Contact Type 
    • Applicants 
    • Landlords
    • Vendors
  • Branch 
    • Individual Branch 
    • All Branches
  • Consent
    • All Contacts
    • With General Marketing
    • With Property Marketing
    • With Both

If you change this to Vendor, you can change the stage to make the list more manageable.

Please note that  if required you can pin a list of contacts.  Pinning a list of contacts will mean:

  • This exact list of contacts will be saved until you later decide to unpin it
  • Alto will remember your current position in this list
  • You can save a description by which to remember this list

You can then expand the group and work through the group.


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