How Do I Bulk Archive Contacts?


How Do I Bulk Archive Contacts?


Go to Tools>Match Groups

Click Add Contact Group

Tick the boxes which are applicable for the group you wanting to archive. There are a series of tabs on the left hand size which you can look through and adjust to filter the results.

Go to the Bulk Actions  tab and under the header Bulk Archive tick the Archivable box. Then click Save.

Go to Contacts>Groups

There will now be a box which is labelled Group Supporting Archiving. This is the results of the group which you have created to archive.

Using the tick boxes you can manually select the contacts, or select all. Then click Actions>Bulk Archive.

Click Yes to confirm the archiving.

Click Yes to confirm the selection.

Click OK.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have Bulk Archived the group you cannot undo this action. You will have to manually unarchive contacts.


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