Create Lettered And Numbered Lists In Letters


How do I create lettered and numbered lists in letters?


Non-numerical lists can be created, pasted and output correctly:

To select your list type first click the ‘Insert/Remove Numbered List’ button, then right-click on the list and select ‘Numbered List Properties’:

Then select the type of list you require:

Note 1: The "Start" value in the Numbered List Properties only supports numbers, regardless of the list type. If you require a lettered list to start at a letter other than ‘a’ insert the number of the character into the Start field. i.e. to start at ‘b’ type ‘2’.

Note 2: The advanced numbered lists (1, 1.1, 1.1.1) works when set to ‘Decimal’ or <not set> numbered list types. You can create a "1, a, i" style indented list by selecting each level individually and setting the numbered list type accordingly.


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