Creating A New Ad Hoc Letter Template

Creating A New Ad Hoc Letter Template

  1. Click on Tools > Letters & Stationery Templates.

    2. Next, click Actions > Create Letter Template.

    3. The Letter Template Wizard will open. Select New ad hoc template and click Next >>.

    4. On the next screen, choose the appearance of the letter from the list and click Finish.

    5. When the New Ad Hoc Letter Template window opens, use the options at the top of the screen to add the Letter Name, Branch, any Branding, Stationery and whether it is for a sale or rent property.

    6. Using the word processor tools, create the required letter. You can use the buttons at the bottom of the window to preview the letter, and add attachments. When the letter is complete, click Save and then Close.

TIP: You can press the ‘#’ key to search and add in merge fields that will include information from the record automatically.

Using An Ad Hoc Letter From A Record

  1. To create a letter, open a record. Click Docs > Write a Letter…

    2. The Write a Letter window will open. Select Ad hoc.

    3. Select the Letter from the list and click Next.

    4. On the Write a Letter (ad hoc) window, select any records that relate to the letter and click Finish.

TIP: Try to select as much information as possible on this screen, as this may help with merging information into the letter. 

    5. The Document Editor will open. Create the letter as required. When you are ready  click Finalise. You will then be able to decide if you want to Email and/or Print the letter.

TIP: You can add merge fields to letter templates. 


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