Creating a New Event Driven Letter Template

Creating A New Event-Driven Letter Template

Event Driven Letters are documents that are triggered by a specific process in Alto PM. An example of this would be when a Market Appraisal has been completed. 

  1. Click on Tools > Letters & Stationery Templates.

    2. Next, click Actions > Create Letter Template.

     3. The Letter Template Wizard will open. Select New event-driven template (advanced) and click Next >>.

    4. On the next screen, choose the Recipient of the letter from the list and click Next.

    5. This screen allows you to choose whether the letter will merge information from Alto PM, or if you just want to create a free-typing letter. Click Next >>.

    6. You can now choose the Event that will trigger the letter. However, you can still decide not to offer the letter automatically. (This option disables the event driven feature.) Click Next >>.

    7. Finally, you can choose the Appearance of the letter from the predefined branch settings. Click Finish.

     8. The New Event-Driven Letter Template window will open. Create the letter as required and click Save.

TIP: You can add merge fields to letter templates. 


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