Creating A New Letter Which Is Event Driven


How Do I Create A New Letter Which Is Event Driven?


Go to Tools> Letter & Stationary Templates.

The click Actions> Create Letter Template

Ensure New event driven template is selected and then from the list of letters click onto the letter, click Next.

Select from the drop down who will be the recipient of this letter. Click Next.

You can then choose what is pulled into the letter. If yes is selected you can have it pull in information for Offers, Tenancies etc. Or Selecting no will allow free text. Click Next.

Next you will be selecting the event on when you want the letter to run. Under Yes there are a series of events. Select the event and click Next.

You can pick your stationary from the drop down if you have specific stationary for this letter, or leave as Branch Default.Click Finish.

Add in the Name of the letter. You can then enter the text you require. Click Save when finished.

To add in the mergefields please see article linked to this case for the Mergefield List. 


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