Creating A New Publisher Template

Creating A New Publisher Template

The Publisher Template Designer allows you to create templates for documents that can be printed or emailed. These document types are generally those that are associated with the marketing material of a property.

  1. Click on Tools > Publisher Templates.

     2. Click on Actions. You can choose between creating a Brochure, Window Card or Browse Sheet.

     3. The Create a Template window will open. Choose the Size and Layout of the template that you require. You can select the sizes on the left, or predefined layouts in the main section of the screen. (Note – the choices will depend on the option that you pick from the Actions button.) 

     4. Click OK. The Designer will open in a new tab. 

Please note – If the designer does not open in a new tab, you may have pop-up blockers set up in your internet browser. You will need to speak to your IT to get this deactivated.

     5. When the new page is displayed, click onto the blank page to display the Section and Page controls. These controls are as follows:

  • Add Section – Adds a new element (Text, Images or Content) to the template designer. 
  • Clone Section – Makes a copy of the selected element.
  • Delete Section – Removes the selected element.
  • Set as BG – Sets the selected element as the background.

      6. Click Add Section. The Choose Type box will be displayed. Using these controls allows you to add Elements to the page (indicated by a faint blue box on the page.)

  • Main Flow – Allows the addition of Text from the Property record. You can combine different items such as the Bullet Points and Summary
  • Dynamic Text – This adds merge fields that will pull in information about the property, such as Amount of Bedrooms and Price. 
  • Photograph – Adds a placeholder for the photos added to the property.
  • Floorplan – Adds a placeholder for the floorplan images.
  • EPC Charts – Adds a placeholder for the property’s EPC Charts.
  • Map – Adds a placeholder for the Google Maps position of the property.
  • Library Image – Allows you to add images such as your Logo, headers & footers etc.
  • Repeater – Gives the ability to repeat pages in the publication.
  • Profile Image – Allows you to insert a profile image if you have one set up in Tools. 

     7. You can experiment with these tools to create your publication. Once the template is finished, it can be Saved and Previewed using the buttons in the top-right of the stationery designer.

  • RAW Test – Previews the template using a RAW (unprocessed) format.
  • PDF Test – Previews the template as a PDF document.

TIP: To go back to your Template after previewing, click on your Browser’s Back button

  • Save – Allows you to Save the template.


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