Creating And Sending Periodic Activity Reports

Creating and Sending the Periodic Activity Report

Periodic activity reports can either be run for single properties or for multiple properties. In addition the system can automatically choose all the properties that are due for a report on a particular day or you can decide to run the report for single or multiple properties on an adhoc basis and choose them yourself

Many agents choose to send out all reports on a particular day - for example just before the weekend when owners may be in touch or visit - and the system works out what is due as follows:

  • There is a default report frequency set in Tools>System Administration>Branches (to see how this is set up click here)
  • The system calculates how many days have elapsed since the last report was sent (or since the property was made available). It then subtracts the default number of days (eg 7 days if you send them out weekly) and if that number is 0 or greater then a report is due. If less then no report is due (there is an example at the end of this article that explains things further if this is unclear)
  • This calculation is done whether you are sending single or multiple property reports and determines whether a property is due a report or not
  • If a property is not in the list you can always check the timeline for when the last report was created. It may be that a colleague has run a report on that property recently


Click for instructions To Create A Periodic Activity Report for Multiple Properties
Setting up the Default interval between activity reports

  1. Select Property>Doc>Periodic Activity Reports

  2. If the property is due for a periodic activity report then decide whether you wish to include or exclude marketing events and whether you want to email or print the report. Including marketing events on the report may make the report run to many pages. The report will include all the activity since the last report was created and sent

  3. If the property is not due a report or you wish to run a report for a different period then choose the Adhoc reports tab

  4. On Adhoc reports you must specify a timescale with a beginning and end date. Again you can choose to exclude marketing events and decide how you send it to your client


  1. From the Create Activity Reports window choose All Properties. If you want to only send reports to the Available properties then tick Exclude Sold/Under Offer/Exchanged
  2. You can further refine the list by unticking any properties you do not want to send a report to
  3. Decide whether to include or exclude marketing events (this will apply to all the chosen properties)
  4. Choose whether to email or print the reports
  5. Click Create Report will send all the emails and then offer the option to print


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  1. This needs Group Administrator access to System Administration
  2. The default interval is in the Branch details


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An example:

  • An office has a default of 7 days and send their reports weekly every Thursday.
  • 'Exampleproperty' is made available on the 1st September which happens to be a Monday. Its first report will not be due until on or after the 8th September. Before that a report can be generated but only as an Adhoc report
  • On Thursday 4th September the agent runs off all the activity reports and 'Exampleproperty' will not automatically generate a report as it is less than 7 days since it was made available
  • On Thursday 11th September the agent runs off all the activity reports. This time 'Exampleproperty' is included. The report produced, however, will cover the period from Monday 1st September (ie the date made available/last report date) to the 11th September
  • Assuming the reports are run on the 18th September 'Exampleproperty' will again be included but will fall in line with other properties and cover the events of the previous week since the previous report was sent.

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