Creating a Joint Tenancy

Creating a Joint Tenancy

Please Note – 

The Property will need to be set to ‘Available’ to make an offer.  You do this by going Actions> Change Status > Available

Before you can create a joint tenancy, both Applicants need to be added to Alto as separate records and cannot be added as First Person and Second Person, and the Property must have a status of Available or Let (Marketing)

  1. On the required Property, click on Actions > Make an offer…

     2.  When the New Offer window opens, the Property details will already be filled in.

Click the ‘ + ’ next to the Applicant, and select the two Applicants in the separate boxes.

TIP: You can search for the applicants by entering their names in the Search for Applicant boxes, or clicking the Star  to bring up a list of Applicants.

    3. Enter the amount into The Offer field (or use the slider bar) and click Accept Offer. Complete all other details and click Save.

     4. When the Create Letters window opens, you can click Open Letters Now to print or email the correspondence, or Place Letters in Letter Rack to deal with later.

    5. On the Property screen, click Actions > Lettings Progression 

    6. On the Tenancy Progressions screen, click Actions > Finalise Let…

You may notice a warning message may be displayed

    7. In the Finalise Tenancy Details window, you can select a Head or Main Tenant by clicking the green tick next to the relevant name. You can also add deposit details as well as additional tenants if required. Once all details are entered and checked, click Finalise Let.

   You may see another warning message

   8. When the Let window opens, you can add any board changes and additional notes if required, then click Save.

    9. In the Update Tenant Address window, place a tick into the box if you want to update the Tenant’s Address details to that of the let property. If not, leave this blank. Click Update.

     10. Next, the Charges For This Tenancy window will open. This allows you to create the initial invoice charges for the Tenancy. Click Edit to make changes to the charges, or untick the Raise Now box to raise them later. Click Raise selected or Close if you wish to deal with them later.

    11. If you tick any of the charges in Step 10, The Raise Charges For This Tenancy window will open showing the charges that you raised as an Initial Invoice. You can add a reference and notes. Click Raise Selected.

    12. The Tenancy is created, and the status on each Tenant’s contact screen will change to reflect this.


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