Creating New Users & Changing Someones Name

Creating New Users & Changing Someones Name.

This User Guide covers how to create a new user and how to change someones name on the system.

If you have a new user start you can add an account for them if there is a license available.

 Go to Tools>System Admin> Group Users

Click Create New

Enter the Email Address (this creates their login name) Password, Confirm Password, Title, Forename, Surname, Short User Code (First Letter of the Forename and Surname), Job Title and Branch. Then click Create.

Include the roles for the person you are adding in and click Save.


If someone in the branch has their name misspelt or gets married you can change the name through a System Administrator.

 Go to Tools>System Admin>Group Users.

Click Edit next to the user you need to change the name for, or use the search function.

Change the required fields and include the email address if this is necessary.
Click Save.

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