Creating A Tenancy

Creating a Tenancy

This User Guide covers how to create a Tenancy. 

If a holding deposit is entered that exceeds the threshold allowed under the terms of the Tenancy Fee Act 2019 a warning message is presented to the user

This article relates to the ALTO Property Management Module

1. Firstly make sure you have made an Offer on the property and it has been Accepted.  Go to the Applicant record and the Status will now show that they are a Tenant.Click the Tenancies tab on the left and you should then see a Proposed Tenancy.  Click on this and you will be directed to the Proposed Tenancy record.

2. On the Proposed Tenancy record, click the Tenancy tab on the left, then the pink Progression box on the right.

3. Go to the Actions button at the top of screen then select Finalise Let

4.  Enter all the Tenancy details.  It is important that this information is correct because it cannot be edited without renewing the tenancy.  Once all details are entered click Finalise Let, then Save, then Update.

5. Your tenancy Status will now show as ‘Active’

N.B. Another way of progressing the Tenancy is via the Progressions tab along the top of the screen.  Click that tab then locate the property and then follow this guide from Step 3 Onwards.


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