Dashboard - Suppliers to Pay (Bulk Payments)

Dashboard>Suppliers to Pay – New bulk payment facility

The Supplier to Pay feature now enables you to pay multiple suppliers from a single screen.  


  • Bank Accounts – the default is to pay all invoices regardless of which client bank account the payment is from.  You have the option to select a specific bank account. If a supplier is due a payment from two client bank accounts they will appear twice in the list of suppliers.
  • Payment Methods - the default is to pay all suppliers regardless of the payment method.  You have the option to select a specific payment type e.g. Bacs. 
  • Include Part Payments – Select this option if you want to part pay invoices where there are insufficient funds to pay an invoice in full.  Changes made to this option are saved as the default for future use.
  • Apply Payment Terms – untick this option to ignore supplier payment terms and pay any invoice where funds are available. Changes made to this option are saved as the default for future use.
  • Search – enter a supplier name or amount to filter the supplier records displayed.


Based on the options detailed above a list of supplier payments will be displayed with the following options:

  • Include/Exclude – the default is to exclude all suppliers.  You have the option to Include all suppliers or you can select individual suppliers to be included in the update.  

Note: The total number and value of selected supplier payments is displayed at the bottom left hand side of the screen.  

  • Preview – displays a preview of the supplier remittance document.
  • Sort options – you can sort the suppliers displayed by clicking on the arrow at the top of any column.
  • Click anywhere on a row to go to the supplier payment screen for the selected supplier with the option to make an individual supplier payment.   Note: As per the functionality in previous versions.
  • Close – click to exit the routine without paying any suppliers. Any selection or changes that have not been updated will be lost. 
  • Pay ‘x’ Suppliers – Pays all ‘Included’ suppliers. Supplier Remittance documents will be sent via the account/work order delivery method specified on the supplier record. Associated Bacs payments will appear in Bacs Payment Update. 

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