Dashboard - Vacated Tenancy Charges

Dashboard - Vacated Tenancy Charges

This User Guide explains the Vacated Tenancy Charges Section of the Dashboard.  Please see Setting the PM Dashboard as Default

This article relates to the ALTO Property Management Module

  1. To access the Dashboard click the button at the top left of the screen that looks like a house.

      2. The Widget for Vacated Tenancy Charges looks like this:

     3. Vacated Tenancy Charges shows a list of Tenancies that are Vacated or Vacate in progress, and which have some Outstanding Charges to post on either the Tenant or Tenancy level.  Clicking a row will open the Charge screen for the relevant record.

     4. You can clear the entries off the Dashboard by Raising, Editing the End Date or Deleting the Charge.


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