Dashboard - Works Orders

Dashboard - Works Orders

This User Guide covers how to monitor Works Orders from the dashboard by either Priority or Status.  Please see Setting the PM Dashboard as Default

This article relates to the ALTO Property Management Module

  1. To access the Dashboard click the button at the top left of the screen that looks like a house.

      2. On your Dashboard you will see the Works Order widget, it will look like either of the screenshots below.One of them displays works orders based on the Status of the works order and the other is based on the Priority of works orders.

      3. You can toggle between the two displays by clicking Priority or Status at the top of the widget.  

      4. The Status Circle displays all Worksheets based on the status of the works order.  Once you change the Status it will move into a different section of the circle.

The Priority Circle will only show works orders that have a status of New Request.  Once the status is changed from New Request, they will no longer show in the Priority section on the dashboard.

     5. In either circle if you wish to view more information about the works orders being displayed click on the relevant section of the circle.  This will list all works orders that are in that segment of the circle.  

. If you then wish to open the works order to make changes to the works order or view more information click on the line in question and it will open a works order which you can then edit.


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