Design Team

The My Account Design Team page is the dedicated area where you are able to select the database, document and marketing material which will be rolled out across your Alto system.  

Included within your Alto order are 10 fully branded templates split across your brochures, window cards and browse sheets.  

These templates will be full customised with your logo and colours and available for use within your Alto system.  

Template Selection

At the top of the Design Team page, you should see four tabs as above: Brochures, Window Card, Browse Sheet, Letters.  

Each tab, when clicked, will display a variety of templates available for your review and selection. 

You can view each of these templates in greater details by selecting the "VIew PDF" button below each template: 

Once you have decided on the most suitable templates, please click the green "Add" button.  

Please note, if you would prefer to continue to utilise one or more of your current template designed for your brochures, window cards or browse sheets, this is possible by selecting "Add" under the "Custom Template" option.  

Once selected, you will see "Custom Template" appear further down the page, under "My Selected Templates".  You will also see an "Upload FIle" area where you will be able to upload a PDF file of your inhouse template.  

Please note, any custom templates will be included in the 10 template setup total.  


Within your Alto order, we will provide you with a standard pack of Sales and Lettings letters.  Please note there is no additional charge for utilising these letters.  

The standard documents can be reviewed by clicking the "View PDF" button. 

These letters will be preloaded into your Alto database and available for use following training.  

The letters are fully editable, and the process for amending these letters and adding additional letters will be covered during training. 

Alongside the standard letter pack, you should see four customer templates. 

As part of your Alto order, we are able to upload four of your inhouse letters which will not appear in the standard letter pack. 

We would suggest you select the letters most integral to your day to day business, such as your Terms of Business (Sales & Lettings), Post Valuation letter and Instruction letters.  

As with your Marketing Custom Templates, please select "Add" under each letter template, and then upload a Microsoft Word Version of the desired document.  A trainer will then add these documents to your Alto system prior to training.  

General Details

The General Details section contains the final information our Design Team require in order to setup your Templates and Alto Account.  

At the top there are a number of tick box questions relating to Fonts, Floorplans, Maps and Headed Paper.  

The "Notes & Design Preferences" text box on the right hand side should be utilised to advise the team of any additional information, such as and preferences or amendments which you wish to make to the templates selected, e.g. moving pictures around, using more or less information etc.  

On the left there are two "Upload a File" fields: 

  • The first if for your logo which will be applied to any templates we create for you. 
  • The second if for your letterhead, which is required for the set up of a mater document in Alto, onto which all email and letters will be created. 

Once you are confident that you have made all required selections and uploaded all required images and documents, in order to complete the Design Team section, please tick the above tick box (above the blue Save Changes button).  

N.B. If you are an existing user of Alto and are looking for Brochure Design, please click here


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