E-Mail Marketing

The E-Mail Marketing dashboard (and widget available on your Main Dashboard) allows you to follow up on marketing emails with a separate widget which summarises customer engagement with your marketing emails. 

You can see how many times they have been opened, if the email was an HTML Embedded Style marketing email, you will even see which properties an applicant has clicked on and how many times they clicked on the property to view more information. 

For more information on how to send HTML Embedded style marketing emails from Alto, please see Produce a Web Style List

Dashboard Widget

The widget provides a real time update of marketing emails sent from Alto, and the subsequent user interaction with that email.  

The dashboard widget provides a summary of all Marketing Emails sent to applicants within a given period.  A description of the figures displayed on the Click Stats widget can be found below: 

E-Mails Sent: All Marketing Emails sent to applicants

Delivered: Marketing Emails successfully delivered 

Opened: When a successfully delivered Marketing Email is opened 

Clicked: When an HTML Embedded style Marketing Email is sent to a customer and they take-action by clicking on a property for more information

Total Opens: Every time a Marketing Email is opened 

Total Clicks: Records the total number of times properties have been clicked on 

You can also filter this information by the Branch, Negotiator, Time Period or Negotiator Context.  

Email statistics are displayed based on the dashboard filter(s) applied to the Branch/Negotiator fields.  

You can click on the status bar of the Click Stats widget, to adjust the time period for the statistics presented.  You have the option of selecting: 

  • 24 Hours
  • 48 Hours
  • Week
  • Month 

You can view statistics for a specific negotiator, using the dashboard filter.  We provide a further option for you to view statistics based on whether the negotiator is one of the following: 

Email Sender

Applicant (Contact)'s negotiator 

Property Negotiator 

Email Marketing Dashboard

When you click on  a segment of the Click Stats widget, or the  icon on the Dashboard menu, then Email Marketing Dashboard will be displayed with the same filter options as per the Dashboard Widget.  

This screen displays the statistics available on the Main Dashboard, in the top section of the screen.  

Applicants (Lower Left section) 

The lower left-hand section of the screen lists all outstanding applicants who have successfully received a Marketing Email. 

By default, the applicants awaiting a follow-up of their marketing email are automatically sorted to display, the applicant with the greatest number of clicks then the most opened emails.  

Against each applicant, we detail their address and contact details, along with the following information: 

  • Email - a count of the Marketing Emails successfully delivered to them 
  • Properties - a count of the individual properties marketed to them 
  • Opens - a count of how many times they have opened the Marketing Emails 
  • Clicks - a count of how many times they clicked on a property (from an HTML Embedded Web Style Marketing Email) for more information 

Follow Up Marketing Complete

On selection of an applicant, you can set their Set Marketing Follow-Up Complete, this will remove them from the list.  

If you have added comments against any of the properties marketed to the applicant, you have the option of adding those to the property / contact timelines.  

Properties (Lower Right section) 

On selection of an applicant, the lower right-hand section of the screen, will display all properties marketed to the applicant. 

By default, the properties will be ordered by those which have the greatest number of clicks, then by the number of interactions that applicant has had with those properties.  (I.E. a viewing was made, task or comment has been added to the property for that applicant).  

If you want to follow up activity against a specific property, you have the option to perform several actions: 

  • Book a viewing 
  • Add a task
  • Add a note - you can add notes against the Marketing Follow-Up, with the option to create a File Note and add it to the timeline 
  • Send an email 
  • Send an SMS
  • Remove the Property from the follow-up list

N.B: If a viewing or as task has been booked against the property and associated with the same contact, then a green dot will appear against hte icon.  


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