Editing An Existing Publisher Template

Editing An Existing Publisher Template

Please Note - This article goes through the process of editing existing Publisher templates. 

  1. Click on Tools > Publisher Templates. A list of existing templates will be displayed.

     2. Click on the required template. The Designer will open in a new tab. 

Please note – If the designer does not open in a new tab, you may have pop-up blockers set up in your internet browser. You will need to speak to your IT to get this deactivated.

     3. When the template is displayed, click into the page. You can use the controls to change the template by editing elements (in blue boxes) to the page.

  • Add Section – Adds a new element (Text, Images or Content) to the template designer. 
  • Clone Section – Makes a copy of the selected element.
  • Delete Section – Removes the selected element.
  • Set as BG – Sets the selected element as the background.

     4. Once the template is finished, it can be Saved and Previewed using the buttons in the top-right of the stationery designer.

  • RAW Test – Previews the template using a RAW (unprocessed) format.
  • PDF Test – Previews the template as a PDF document.
  • Save – Allows you save the template.

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