Email Tracking

Email Tracking

You can now identify when an email has been successfully delivered to a recipient by looking at the respective Recent Activity Screen & Timeline in Alto. 

When an email is initially sent to a contact(s), you will see a timeline entry as below:


The following responses may be visible from the timeline:



Email first sent

Email successfully delivered to recipient

Email opened by the recipient

Email delayed by a third-party provider (system will automatically retry)

Email has failed to be delivered to the recipient

To see more information, such as why an email might have failed to deliver or how many times it’s been opened, click on the email icon for details of information received from our email provider.

If you see a failed email status on a timeline, reasons for the failure may be as follows:



Format of the email address is invalid

Recipient email address cannot be found

Where an email is sent to multiple recipients the property / tenancy record will reflect the most successful delivery position; i.e. if an email is sent to 2 parties 1 has opened the email and the other is yet to receive the email, the timeline will display an opened status. Should you click on the email icon, details for both recipients will be displayed. 

If an email fails to send to a recipient a warning will be displayed against the record, as per below. 

Contact records will always represent the position of emails sent to the contact’s timeline being viewed.


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