Exporting the Diary to an Android Device

Android phones use Google to update their in-built calendar.  Google do not allow users to determine the frequency of their calendar updates, or manually refresh imported calendars.  Calendar updates range between 4-24 hours.  If this frequency is insufficient you may search the Play Store for Calendar synchronisation apps, such as One Calendar, Sync2 or others.  

Please Note: The Property Software Group (ZPG) are not responsible for any applications downloaded to your device and have no relationship with any calendar synchronisation applications.  

If you want to use your Alto Diary with the in-built calendar app: 

  1. Log in to Alto and select the Diary tab
  2. Select "My Diary"
  3. Click on the Diary Export icon, you will have the option to enable the feature

  1. Click on the slider to enable Diary Export
  2. Once a link is displayed in the text box, select an option to extract the URL
    1. Copy Link: copies it to your PC, so you paste the link elsewhere 
    2. Send SMS: this will text your mobile, with the URL in the text box, if you have a number setup against your Alto user account
    3. Send Email: this will email the link to the account you have set up against your Alto user account

To link the phone to Android device 

  1. Make sure the App downloaded from Android play store is linked/logged in to the Google account on your PC.   
  2. On your PC go to your Google Calendar and select settings 
  3. Select Add Calendar on the left
  4. Select from URL

5. In the URL of Calendar box, type/paste the URL from the Alto Diary Export link

6. Click Add New Calendar, you will get a message to say the calendar has been added. 


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