Exporting the Diary to Desktop Outlook

How to import the Alto Diary to Outlook (Desktop Version)

The short video below with give you a brief run through, or read on for a step by step guide: 

Setup the Export of your Alto Diary

This is a one-way synchronisation, changes made in your calendar application will not synchronise back to your Alto diary. The export from Alto to your application should be considered as read-only by the end user.

For your Alto diary to automatically export your diary appointments, you will need to enable the function within Alto.

  1. Login to Alto and select the Diary tab.
  2. Select "My Diary"
  3. Click on the Diary Export icon, you will have the option to enable the feature.  
  4. Click on the slider to enable Diary Export.  
  5. Once a link is displayed in the text box select an option to extract the URL. 
    1. Copy Link: Copies it to your PC, so you paste the link elsewhere.  
    2. Send SMS: this will text your mobile, with the URL in the text box, if you have a number setup against your Alto user account.  
    3. Send Email: this will email the link to the account you have setup against your Alto user account.  

Open your Outlook. 

  1. Go to Add Calendar
  2. Select From Internet
  3. Paste the link into the box and press ok.  
  4. And then yes.  

N.B. Your Alto Diary will now be visible in the Other Calendars section of Outlook.  

To change the frequency of the refresh, go to File within Outlook, then Options.  Click on Advanced and then Send/Receive.  

Under Settings for Group - All Accounts, you can change the time frame for the automatic send/receive.  


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