Vacating A Tenancy

Vacating a Tenancy

This User Guide covers how to Vacate a Tenancy

This article relates to the ALTO Property Management Module

1. On the Tenancy record click the Tenancy tab to the left, then select Vacate Property at the bottom.

2. On the Vacate Property screen add a Target Vacate Date, then click Start Vacate

3. Once the Tenancy has actually Vacated the Property go to the Tenancy Tab of the Tenancy and click the pink Progression button.

4. On the Progression screen click Actions then Finalise Vacation

5. If you are happy to Finalise the Vacation process click OK

6. If you wish to re-advertise the property online go to the Property, click on Overview and Actions, then Change Status.  The Status will need to be changed to Let (Marketing) then click OK. This should trigger the property to re-upload to the online portals and make it available for matching again.


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