Group Roles For New & Existing Users

Group Roles for New and Existing users 

This guide shows you how to set up new group roles and assign them to individual users.

Go to Tools>System Administration>Group Roles. 

This is where you set the Job Roles you have within your office, such as Sales Negotiator, Lettings Negotiator and Branch Manager may have different permissions for use within Alto.  

Setting Up A New Group Role: 

Go to Group Roles>Create New

Enter a reference code (could be the same as the Role name) The description of the Role and click Create.

Select the branch/s and work down the list to apply permissions giving read/write or full access to the relevant parts in Alto.

Scroll down to the list of users and select the member of staff (User) who this role is to be assigned to.

When you save the record, the date stamp will be assigned to the users record.

Adding a new User to an Existing Group Role: 

Go to Tools>System Administration>Select the group role and click on edit to open the record. 

Scroll down to the user name and click on Edit to change their Group Role. 

This takes you to the Edit User Screen

Scroll down to the list of Group Roles that user is included in and to remove a group role change the radio button from “Included” to “Not Included”

Save changes and go back to the Group Role and you will see the user is no longer associated with that group role.


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