Initial Settings On Landlord

Getting the Setting right before you start!

It is Important that your records are set up correctly before entering Opening balances or accounts transactions on the system.  Changes to settings after this will not apply to existing transactions, only those created going forward.

Landlord Set Up

Contact Delivery Method

Go to Landlord Record>Contact> Account Delivery Method.  Select the Landlord to have their accounts documents printed and /or emailed to them. If email is selected, ensure you enter a valid email address, save changes.

Setting the delivery method is the same for all contact records. 

Adding Landlord Bank details

When paying Landlords by BACS you need to add their bank details to the Contact record and assign the Bank account to the payment groups.  

  1. Go to Contact>Bank Details>Add Bank Account.

If the bank already exists in the system, use the search bar or select from the list.  Alternatively, click Add New to add in new bank details and confirm to save changes.

       2. To Add the Bank Account to the Payment Group. 

  • Go to Contact>Payment Group. 
  • Click on the COG on relevant payment group.

  • Choose the bank account in the ‘Payment To’ drop down box. 

If you do not complete both of these steps the BACS process will state you have insufficient details.

Payment Groups

These MUST be set up before entering account transactions. 

By default, all properties for a Landlord will appear together in the Default Payment Group. For individual Properties or Batch of Properties to have its own statement, you must first create the payment group, then move the properties into the newly created payment group. 

A Landlord statement is produced for each Payment Group. 

Example 1: A Landlord with 6 properties, requiring a separate statement for each, You will need to create 6 payment groups, with one property in each group. 

Example 2: A Landlord with 6 properties, in 2 blocks of 3 flats, may want one statement for each block. In this case you will set up two payment groups with the relevant properties in the group.

Creating a New Payment Group

Go to Contact>Payment Groups>Create Payment Group:

  • Type in the name of the payment group (i.e the name of the property or block) 
  • Choose the Payment method (and Bank account if paying by BACS),

Note: The payment type is set to BACS by default on all contact records. It is imperative you choose the correct payment type before you update any landlord statements.

  • You can also select the statement number if needed or apply any other required settings. Save changes.

Move Property to the New Payment Group

  • Click on the upwards arrow ^ to show the list of properties in the current Payment group
  • Click Move against the property you wish to move into the new group
  • On the pop up screen, select the Payment Group you wish to move them into and click ‘Move’.  

Going forward all account items for those properties will now appear on separate statements, which you can see separately on the Landlord payment screen.  

Payment Types

Warning! When you go live with Alto Accounts all “Payment types” for all contacts are set to BACS by default. 

If you do not have the BACS payment facility set up with your Bank. 

You will need to change the payment type from BACS to your preferred method before making any payments.

To change the payment type go to Contact>Payment Groups>Click on the Cog on the relevant payment group, and choose the Payment method from the drop down menu.

Landlord Overseas Tax

Set the Landlords tax status before receipting any money. 

Go to Contact>Tax>Add Overseas Period.  Enter the “from date” at which the tax period began, tick ongoing then Add.  

If the Landlord has an exemption certificate enter the “from date”, the exemption number, then Add.  

VAT Status

Set the Landlords VAT status via Contact>Tax.  Change the VAT Registered box to reflect their status.  An incorrect VAT status could affect the overseas tax calculation.


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