Initial Settings On Property

Getting the Setting right before you start!

It is Important that your records are set up correctly before entering Opening balances or accounts transactions on the system.  Changes to settings after this will not apply to existing transactions, only those created going forward.

Property Ownership

The ownership of a property cannot be changed if there are open transactions against that property.

If a property is set up against the incorrect landlord this can only be changed before any accounts transactions are created.

To change ownership go to the Property Tab, click the X button against the current landlord then search for the new landlord. You may need to add them as a contact if not already in place. 

Joint Ownership 

To add an additional Landlord click the + button, and search for the new contact. Update the percentage to reflect their share of the Property.


On a Property without an Active Tenancy

Completing this step will mean that when you finalise a tenancy on this property it will cause the system to automatically generate the commission charge.

Go to the Property>Property Tab>Agency Tab.  Enter the monthly commission percentage.  

On a Property with an Active Tenancy

As above go to Property>Property Tab>Agency Tab.  Enter the monthly commission percentage.  When you renew the tenancy or create a new tenancy at any time it will also generate a new commission.

Then, go to Property>Actions>charge>Add Commission, Here you will see the commission % that you entered. Select the “Charge From” start date, and an end date if needed (The start date should be before the date of any rent receipted) then click OK.  

Setting The Management Type  

Go to Property Tab>Agency>Management Type>and select the relevant management type from the drop down. 

Note: This is for information only and does not have any effect on the accounting transactions


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