Initial Settings On Supplier

Getting the Setting right before you start!

It is Important that your records are set up correctly before entering Opening balances or accounts transactions on the system.  Changes to settings after this will not apply to existing transactions, only those created going forward.

Supplier Set Up

Contact Delivery Method

Go to the individual Supplier Record>Contact> Account Delivery Method.  Select the contact to have their accounts documents printed and/or emailed to them.  If email is selected ensure you enter a valid email address, save changes.

Payment Method

To Select the payment method go to Supplier>Contact>Payment Details.  Choose the payment method from the drop down box.

Payment Terms

If you wish to defer paying an expense for a certain period. You can set the delay under the Payment Details Tab.  For example, if you enter 7 days the system will not allow you to pay the supplier until the expense is 7 days old.

Bank Details

If you Pay Suppliers by BACS you will need to enter valid bank details. 

Go to Supplier>Contact>Bank Details>Add Bank Account and enter their bank details.

Commission Set up

To deduct commission from supplier payments, go to Supplier>Actions>Charge>Add Commission.  Enter the commission percentage and you can also choose the expense type you wish to apply commission to (if required). 

Please be aware that if you as an agency are set up as VAT registered the system will deduct your commission percentage then put VAT on top of that amount.  


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