Inviting Sellers to PropertyFile

Inviting Sellers to PropertyFile 

Once PropertyFile has been activated (please see Activating PropertyFile) we have implemented two ways for you to invite your Vendors.  

1. Invite the Vendor from their contact record.  

To invite a vendor from their contact record within Alto, firstly you must search for the contact you would like to invite by using the search function from the Contacts tab.  

You will notice when PropertyFile is activated that a new sub-menu has been placed on the contact record called PropertyFile.  

When you are in the sub-menu, you will be able to see: 

  • The Vendors status on PropertyFile
  • Their PropertyFile login name (which is their email address)
  • And the last time they were active on PropertyFile 

From here if the Vendor has a status of 'not invited' to PropertyFile you can select the 'send invite' button, which will action an email to your vendor for them to activate their account.  

Please Note: If the vendor has used PropertyFile with another agency, they will still need to register again, as their login is unique to your Estate Agency.  

Once the initial activation request has been processed, you will be able to: 

  • Resend an invite to a vendor
  • Deactivate the vendors account to PropertyFile
  • Login as Admin - this will allow you as an Agent to see what the vendor can view on their PropertyFile account.  

2. Invite a Vendor to PropertyFile when making a property available.

To invite a vendor through the making a property available process you can, 

  • Select a property for sale, with an Instructed status and make it available by 
  • Selecting Actions >> Change Status at which point the following screen is presented:


  • You can then click the OK button which will send the vendor an activation email for PropertyFile and make your Property Available in Alto. 

Please Note all Vendors are automatically set to be invited to PropertyFile, if they have a “Not Invited” status.

If you do not wish to invite the vendor to PropertyFile at this point, please slide the toggle bar to the off position (see below):


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