Adding A Landlord

Adding a Landlord

This User Guide covers how to add a new Landlord to the system.

This article relates to the ALTO Property Management Module

  1. Create a new Contact, by clicking on the Contacts Tab at the top of the screen then clicking the red button with the plus symbol on it. The Type of record needs to be set as Client.
  2.  Enter all relevant contact information.  If the contact is only going to be a Landlord then change the Intention to Not Looking.
  3. Once all information has been added, Save the record by clicking on this icon to the left:

2. A Property must be added and assigned to the contact record before it becomes a Landlord record.  To add a Property on to the system click the Property tab along the top then click the blue button with the plus symbol.  Search for the Landlord name by clicking on the red magnifying glass button then click the blue button that says Add New.

3.  Use the postcode search tool to locate the property or enter the address manually then click Next.

4.  If you do not wish to book a Market Appraisal at this stage click Finish, alternatively click Book to add a Market appraisal to your Diary.  N.B. A market appraisal will have to be booked into the system before a Tenancy can be created. 

5. The front screen of the contact record will now show they are a Landlord.


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