Management Summary Branch Breakdown Report

Management Summary Branch Breakdown Report:

Summary of the state of the business. This report can run for a single branch or all the business and within the report splits out figures from each of the branches. It can be run either horizontally - with the branches running in columns - or vertically - with the branch information running across the rows. This makes it easier for multi branch set ups to more easily view the report.

The Management Summary - Vertical Branch Breakdown (where the branches are listed down the left side of the page) allows considerable customisation as there are 50 separate columns that can be selected giving great flexibility

If this report does not do what you want you can look for something suitable in this List of reports under System Administration>Reports. 

COLUMNSSummary Type, Breakdown, Total
SALE/RENTAny, Sales only, Rentals only
CATEGORYAny, Residential only, Commercial only
OVERSEASExclude, Include

COLUMNS on VERTICAL reportBranches, Current Stock, Available Stock Total Fees, Available Stock Total Sale Price, MAs, MAs Cancs, Instruct., Instruct. Fees, Instruct.Price, Instruct.Avg Fee %, Made Avail, Avail. Total Fees, Avail. Total Price, Avail. Avg Fee %, Withdrawals, Viewings, Cancelled Viewings, Offers Made, Offers Revised, Exchanges, Exchange Fees, Exchange Price, Exchange Avg Fee, Gross Sales, Gross Sales (once per prop), Gross Sales Fees, Gross Sales Fees (once per prop), Gross Sales Price, Gross Sales Price (once per prop), Fall Throughs, Fall Throughs (once per prop), Fall Throughs Fees, Fall Throughs Fees (once per prop), Fall Throughs Price, Fall Throughs Price (once per prop), Nett Sales, Nett Sales (Once per prop), Nett Sales Fees, Nett Sales Fees (once per prop), Nett Sales Price, Nett Sales Price (once per prop), Rental Instructions, Rentals TakeOvers, Contacts Reg, Contact Appl. Reg, Contacts Active, Pipeline Properties (UO/SSTC), Pipeline Fees, PipelinePrice, Pipeline Status

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