Matching From A Property

Matching from a Property

This User Guide covers how to Match to Applicants from a Property

This article relates to the ALTO Property Management Module

1. IMPORTANT: for matching to be effective please make sure that you have entered as much property information as possible on the Property record as well as entering as much Applicant information as you can.

2. To match the Property to Applicants go to the Matches Tab on the left of the Property.

3. The system should automatically bring up a list of applicants whose requirements match the features on the property.

4. Using the icon options on the right of each Applicant, you can choose whether to Reject the applicant or Contact the Applicant about the property e.g. via Email. Alternatively, using the Search options on the left you can add extra filters, e.g. Applicants position, price range etc, to reduce the amount of Applicants.

5. To view more of the matches, click on the arrow(s) to the bottom right of the list


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