My Account - Overview

Following the completion of your Alto software order, you will receive an email from  

This email will contain a login link to your personalised My Account program, alongside your allocated username and password.  

We recommend that you copy and paste these login details into the relevant areas rather than retyping, as the system is case sensitive and any errors could prevent you from logging in successfully.  

There is also a useful "Remember Me" tick box which you may wish to select, as this will ensure that you login details are retained for future use.  

Log in to your My Account

My Account - Home

Once you have logged into the My Account program, your Homepage will open and appear as below.

Alongside the "Home" tab at the top left hand side of your Homepage, you will see a tab entitled Alto-XXXXXX.  

Please click on this tab, and you will be redirected to your Order Status page, containing your To-Do list.  

My Account - To-Do List

Your My Account To-Do list comprises of a number of sections which require completion. 

The information required within each section is integral to ensuring a successful Alto implementation.  

To access each item on the To-Do list, please use the "Click Here" button on the right hand side.  

Any To-Do list section which has not been completed in full will be identified via the red exclamation mark visible on your My Account home page.  

Once a section has been completed in full this icon will change to a green tick, signifying that the required details have been supplied and that there is no further information required.  

As you work through each section of your My Account, please be aware that all progress can be saved by selecting "Save Changes".  

Please note, while your progress will be saved you will be advised as to the outstanding items that still require completion.  


Getting Started
Take a look at this video which highlights the features and how to use your knowledgebase.

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