Template Design

My Account Template Design Completion Required

A minimum of 2 weeks prior to your training you will need to have ensured that your My Account has been completed in full, specifically the Design Team section.

Once completed your design requirements will be submitted to the Design Team, who will begin working on creating your branded templates, as if this has not been completed prior to your onsite training, there will be significant implications to your ability to use Alto to its full functionality.

Specifically this will affect the appearance of documents, the creation of brochures and window cards and the appearance of your agency's branding on the portals and websites you advertise with.

Design Team Sign Off

Once your branded templates for your brochures, window cards and letterhead designs have been completed, the Design Team will upload samples into the 'Design Team Sign Off' section of your My Account.

You will receive an email from our designers requesting that you log into your My Account and review these templates and either raise any amendments required or sign off the designs.

Once these templates have been signed off these items will be uploaded into your Alto system, and ready to use following your Alto training.

N.B. If you are an existing Alto user looking for Brochure Design, please click here


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