Printing HMRC Reports

Printing HMRC Reports

This User Guide explains how to Produce and Print the Quarterly & Yearly Reports as required by The HMRC regarding Overseas Landlords.

This article relates to the ALTO Property Management Module

Before the reports can be produced you must have first Processed the NRL tax on the system. Please see the User Guide on Processing Tax Quarterly for more information on this. 

Quarterly NRL reports:

1. Once the NRL tax has been processed go to Accounts > Process NRL Tax > Timelime

2.  Choose the Payment to the HMRC that relates to the Quarter you wish to view the report for. Click View.

3. The report should open on the screen showing all the amounts payable to the HMRC for that quarter.

Yearly NRL Reports:

  1. Once the NRL tax has been processed go to Accounts > Process NRL Tax > NRL Reports

     2. Select the Annual Information Return from the  Report Type and choose the relevant Year End from the drop down boxes and click View

    3. The system will then create a report similar to the below.  The report will display the Rental Income, Expenses and Tax for each Landlord.  It will also display the Amount of Tax that should have been paid over to the HMRC for each quarter.


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