Opening Balance On Applicant

Opening Balance on Applicant

Thie guide shows you how to add Opening Balances to an Applicant record.

This article relates to the ALTO Property Management Module

1. At the top of the screen go to Accounts > Opening Balances. Locate the relevant bank account to the right and click View.

2. In the drop down box at the top select Applicant. In the box to the right locate the Applicant that you wish to apply the opening balance to, then click Add.

3. Choose the Charge Item from the drop down box and enter the description and the amount then click OK.

4. Repeat the process with other Applicants until you have added in all money you currently hold for Applicants and they are all listed on the screen.

5. To Update enter the Total of the opening balance amount into the Target Amount box at the bottom right. Then click off that box (anywhere on the screen) and the pink button for Post Bank Balances should be available to click.  Press this button to Post the bank balances.


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