Portal Applicant Enquiries

Applicant Enquiries

Alto receives leads from customers who enquire via the leading web portals which publish their statistics; Zoopla and Rightmove or your website when hosted by Vebra.  

Leads are currently visible in the Tools section of Alto (now called Portal Applicant Enquiries - please see Leads (Portal Applicant Enquiries) for information on how to use these leads).  This functionality has been replicated on the Enquiries dashboard and summarised in the new enquiries widget, it make it easier for you to stay connected with customers who show an interest in a property you have marketed.   

Getting Started 

Please note to enable leads from your own Website, please submit your request to technicalsupport@propertysoftwaregroup.com

Follow the steps below to enable leads For Zoopla or Rightmove

  1. Click on System Administration (in the Tools section of Alto)
  2. Select branches
  3. Select a branch to edit 
  4. Search for the "Leads Enabled" checkbox (scroll down to the bottom of the page) 
  5. Click Save.

Processing Portal Applicant Enquiries 

Enquiries Dashboard 

A summary of this information is available on the Enquiries widget which includes a doughnut chart which summarises the number of leads received by portal: 

The doughnut chart is linked to the Enquiries dashboard which includes a Portal Leads section.  When a lead comes in, it will be displayed in the Tools and the Enquiries dashboard.  

The system provides an indication as to whether the lead already exists with a visual indicator of whether a duplicate is likely, possible or new.  The dashboard can be filtered by branch, date or duplication status, bu clicking on the magnifying glass.  

How to create a new contact from portal applicant enquiries 

  1. Select the negotiator to be applied to the lead
  2. Select one or more leads with a duplication status of "NEw Contacts"
  3. Click Accept.  

How to manage potential duplicates 

  1. Click on the magnifying glass
  2. Select a potential duplicate
  3. Click View to see the contact details 
  4. Click Merge to add a note to the existing contact and close the lead 
  5. Click Dismiss All to remove all potential duplicates 
  6. You can now accept / reject the lead.  

Bulk reject portal applicant enquiries 

If you have had portal applicant enquiries enabled for some time, you may have numerous enquiries which are no longer valid.  If you want to reject leads in bulk, perform the following steps: 

  1. Remove all filters
  2. Click Reject 
  3. You will be prompted to set a date.  All leads received before this date can now be rejected
  4. Click Reject.  

All leads received before the date set will be rejected and removed from your Portal Applicant Enquiries Dashboard.  

Manually Import Enquiries 

Alto import details of customers who request information via one of the portals or your website every 15 minutes.  If you want to check if there are any new portal enquiries available you can click on the import button, Alto will then check if there are any new portal applicant enquiries.  


Getting Started
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