Sales Pipeline Report

Sales Pipeline Management:

Within sales progression there is a function that allows you to attribute Sales to different Pipeline statuses. Once your custom pipeline status list has been setup you can select them when accepting Offers, and report upon them.

Setting Up Pipeline Statuses

Alto administrators can setup statuses by visiting Tools > Systems Administration > Group Settings > Sales Pipeline Statuses. Any number of pipeline statuses can be created and the order in which to display them set:


Once created, statuses cannot be deleted. You can de-select them so they are no longer presented if required. If you decide to amend the description of a status, the new description will automatically propagate to offers where set.

Using Pipeline Statuses when Accepting An Offer

When you are accepting an offer you will be presented with a new field where you can select the relevant Pipeline Status:

As with the other fields on this screen, offer details cannot be updated once the accepted offer has been saved (they will be greyed-out). If you wish to change a pipeline status at any time after the offer has been accepted, you can do this from the Sales Progression screen as described below.

Changing Pipeline Status

On the Sales Progression screen under the Actions drop down menu there is a new option available called ‘Change Pipeline Status’. When you click on this option you will be presented with a window that allows you to select a different status and save the change:

(In the case of a contract race, you can only change the status of the winning offer so you should first withdraw all other offer(s) and then you will be able to change the status of the one that remains.)


The new Sales Pipeline Status you select will be displayed in the Show Offer window.

When running Sales and Management reports the offer will also be reported under this new Status.

Report Changes that Include Pipeline Statuses

The following reports include Pipeline Status information:

Sales Reports
Accepted Offers from other office
Accepted Offers from same office
Potential Completions
Potential Exchanges
Sales At Exchanged
Sales Completed
Sales Exchanged during a time-frame
Sales Offers Made
Sales Pipeline
Withdrawn Sales

Management Reports
Gross Sales report
Management Summary
Management Summary Branch breakdown


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