Searching For Properties

Searching For Properties:

This is a short overview of ways to use property searching to help you find properties quickly using search terms and combinations.

Search Improvements

You can search on the Owner name, or using a combination of the owner name and their property address.

We’ve improved the way that the search program gathers the results, especially when a combination of search criterion is entered.  This means a faster list of results being presented on the screen.

‘Nearest’ results will appear closer to the top so you will see Leicester Road higher up the list than any other Roads in the town of Leicester.

For Post Code searching see the next section for details.

The results are highlighted to show you the matches more easily;

Search Examples

Immediately upon clicking in the Property search field you are presented with a helpful guide;

Examples of good search practices

Combination    In order to get the best results quickly, enter a combination of the property address and the vendor/landlord e.g.

  • enter Johnson The Embankment – the results would find the exact record because there is only one record for this vendor name at the address entered

Postcodes        A post code can be entered in lower case and without spaces and it will automatically be formatted e.g. le679re will become LE67 9RE

Quotes               Use double quotes when you wish to use an exact phrase, however, the better placement of results nearer the top should mean that you may not even need to use them.


When more than a hundred items are found for the search criteria you’ve entered, a maximum of a hundred records will be displayed and you will be warned; “More than 100 items found" to prompt you to refine your search e.g.

  • enter Leicester Road – the results include Leicester Road in Naseby, Leicester Road in Bladby, plus all of the addresses in Leicester itself (98 records)
  • enter “Leicester Road” – the results are filtered to just Leicester Road in Naseby and Bladby (24 records)
  • enter “Leicester Road Naseby” – the results are filtered to just Leicester Road in Naseby (10 records)

Getting Started
Take a look at this video which highlights the features and how to use your knowledgebase.

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